2011 Downpayment **Due November 15th**


2011 Downpayment **Due November 15th**


Trip Date: April 18-21

What happens now?

On November 15th (or earlier, if everyone who expressed interest, submits their money before hand), I will release the location and full list of amenities available based on a confirmed number of guests, as well as the list of ladies headed to Colombia! You will have until Dec 1st to obtain a refund - although please only request a refund for legitimate reasons, as I will be booking the hotel based on money provided on the 15th.

Other things to note:

  • Your nineteen will be fronting the money for the hotel, so please do not put a downpayment if you do not plan to attend, because the good places do not allow cancellation.

  • After the downpayment, there are 2 payments of $177.50, yes, that’s it!

  • You will pick the dates for which you would like to make the remaining payments, and an invoice will be sent to you via Paypal. Please Please Please pay on time. You will be charged a $30 late fee on the 6th business day. Please don’t ask for it to be waived, because it makes for an awkard conversation. :(

  • Once you recieve your invoice, you are welcome to pay ahead of time.

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