More Ways to Support

Destination Impact’s Mission

  1. Buy a Book

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She’s Ready: A Wanderlust Guide for women Travelers

This year, Our founder, teamed up with some phenomenal women of color to put out an inspiring collection of stories designed to get more ladies leveraging international travel for deeper sel-discovery.

Not only does this book make a great read for the plane ride, but the proceeds purchase passports for young women of color.

2. Donate Towards Clean Water


In just half a century, Morocco’s population has more than tripled from 10 million to 32 million. Mass migrations have brought more than half the population to cities, giving rise to “tin cities,” or slums. These communities are located on the outskirts of urban areas, where access to clean water, electricity and sanitation services does not exist.

The one-third of Moroccans without access to proper sanitation services are at high risk of waterborne diseases such as gastrointestinal infections, malaria and typhoid.

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