Gloe Home: Unleashing Your Ancestral Power (Down Payment)


Gloe Home: Unleashing Your Ancestral Power (Down Payment)


February 15th- February 22nd 2020

What does it mean to go home? It is an emotional, spiritual and physical return back to all that you are. A world driven by consumerism and social media influence has created a culture of separateness and illusion, subconsciously encouraging us to take on the values and beliefs of others, and disconnecting us from our truth. Traveling away from what is familiar inherently brings out our uniqueness and tests our identity awareness. On this journey, we will come face to face with our inner world, inspect our own thoughts and feelings, and unleash our ancestral power.

You and 9 women are invited to join Destination Impact + Gloetry Assembly for a 6-Night, 7-Day transformational experience to discover the beauty and culture of Kenya, while also exploring the purpose and power of self.

Gloe Home will be an experience of service, deep healing, contemplation and consciousness expansion, and of course, adventure. Join us on this immersive journey of self-discovery, exploration and introspection where you will leave drastically different than you entered.

Will you Gloe home?

Priority Registration Deadline: May 1st

Package Cost:

$200 + 5 Payments of $355

Processing fee:

3% of the installment amount

(Choose your payment schedule during registration!)

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