What does it mean to do good work?


The Destination Impact team recently had the opportunity to interview with Down to Donate, an organization that prides itself on getting regular people to participate in giving. DTD started a brand new podcast called “Good Work” designed to share the stories of people doing unique things in the social impact space. Take a listen to this rare interview where the entire Destination Impact team comes together to discuss how Destination Impact came about, what we are up to now, and what you can look forward to in the future. Its a thought provoking conversation that will make you grapple with what it means for people of color to give back across the African diaspora.

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FIVE reasons to travel to Kenya this summer!

FIVE reasons to travel to Kenya this summer!

We get a lot of questions like "Why Kenya?". Our response is almost always "Then where else?". There are far too many reasons why you would want to venture across the globe to visit such an intriguing place with a palpable tribal culture as well as a booming contemporary atmosphere. We tried to boil it down to just 5. Tell us what you think.

Touching Down in Nairobi

This year coming back to Nairobi feels like a homecoming. On the plane ride here, I found myself educating first-timers about the country's beauty, the people, and the state of education. And as I exited the airport into the warm embrace of old friends and familiar scents, I remembered how much of an impression this place left on me. Being back in Kenya just reaffirms the reason why Destination Teach works so hard to further our mission. This place has an undeniable charm that will tantalize anyone that crosses its borders.

This year, a wonderful group of travelers will join me, and I am so excited for them to experience this country and become a part of this movement. Together we will change the face of American volunteerism abroad. Together we will dig deeper into the plight of underserved communities. Together we will uplift the educators who have been working tirelessly with minimal support. 

Right now, there is no place I'd rather be...